by - June 30, 2014

3 Weeks ago on the 6th June my fiancé(!!!) asked me a very important question and now I feel like the luckiest lady in the entire world. I feel so blessed to have found such an amazing person that I get to spend the rest of my life with. He is my best friend, my rock and my soulmate.

Now let me tell you about the proposal! It was more perfect than I ever could of imagined. He thought of every single thoughtful detail and that meant more to me than anything else. 

It happened on the day of our 5 year anniversary. We were going on holiday to Cyprus with my family on the Sunday (8th) so we decided we would celebrate out there and just get a Thai takeaway and a bottle of bubbly and stay at home. I couldn't have been more wrong. I came home from work and it was such a hot day I just ran upstairs to get changed, I opened the door to find the most beautiful dress laid on the bed and balloons spelling out I LOVE YOU. I told him how gorgeous it was and asked if it was for our holiday. He said it was for tonight and his parents were on their way to have Noah so we could go to the Muddy Duck, a restaurant I had been desperate to try.
We got ready, spent some time with Noah before Jay's parents arrived and jumped into the taxi. We arrived at the Muddy Duck and were greeted by the sweetest waiter who took us to the bar area, he came back and asked Jay to go and pick a table as there were a few we could choose from. Being naive, I thought Jay must have informed them we were there for our anniversary. Little did I know that Jay had already been twice to sort out the arrangements and to collect one of their serving boards to carve.
We went up to our table and I ordered the most delicious starter, Broccoli and Blue Stilton soup. Jay kept going to the toilet which is totally unlike him but I thought nothing of it. We were talking about what to have for the main course and I really wanted the fish but Jay was trying to convince me to have a burger. I didn't give in I had the Poached natural smoked haddock which was gorgeous. So again Jay went off to the 'toilet'. My main came out on a board which was strange but I thought it must have been because the dish was served in a bowl. We finished the main and our waiter came over and took our plates but left the board, I looked at it and just stared for a good 20 seconds to take in exactly what it said...I gasped so loudly and looked up to see Jay on one knee, I just kept looking at him saying Oh My God over and over, when he said you need to say yes, which I did immediately to which the whole restaurant cheered. 
The lovely waiter brought over a bottle of Moet and special congratulations pudding and I spent the rest of the evening staring at my beautiful ring and my handsome fiancé. He blows my mind with his thoughtfulness and I couldn't love him anymore.

I'm aware how mushy that post was but if you can't declare you're love for someone on an engagement post when can you?

Now to crack on with the wedding planning....

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  1. OMG, congratulations!
    Your guy sounds like such a sweetheart, too. :-)