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As a busy working Mum, I sometimes find it hard to keep up with my beloved beauty routine so when something is invented to make my life easier I get pretty excited. I love pretty nails its something that makes me feel a whole lot better about myself, but having shellac and regular manicures really takes a chunk out of your monthly pay.

Enter SensatioNail. Advertised as 2 weeks of dazzling, damage-proof wear, super gloss shine, no dry time and professional salon quality nails at home.

 The starter kit comes with everything you need to carry out up to 10 complete at home gel manicures. It includes a Pro3060 LED lamp, primer, cleanser, clear base/top coat, colour polish, lint free wipes, buffer file and an orange stick. 
The instructions are really clear and the method is super simple.
  1. Clean nails of all nail polish and debris with acetone, then wipe off with cleanser and lint-free wipe.
  2. Apply primer around all the edges of nail.
  3. Apply one THIN coat of clear base/top coat making sure you cap the tip of the nail and cure for 30 seconds (until the beep) in the LED lamp.
  4. Apply one THIN coat of colour gel capping at the tip and cure for 60 seconds (until light turns off).  Repeat with a second coat.
  5. Apply one THIN coat of clear base/top coat and cure for 30 seconds.
  6. Wipe off the tacky layer that's left after curing final coat with cleanser and lint-free wipe.
 I did the manicure in about 30 minutes, which wasn't bad considering it was my first time using the kit and having to wait for one hand to cure before I could paint the other. The results are pretty fabulous, you're left with a high shine, even finish. I used the colour Pink Chiffon as I had a busy week at work so it was the most professional colour I had. It was such a lovey light pink and covered my nails beautifully.
As I said this was my first time using the system so it was a learning curve for me. These are my top tips for application:
  • Do you're thumbs separately, although you can fit them all in it means that they will be properly cured and makes it a lot easier to lay your fingers flat.
  • If you get any of the polish on your fingers or cuticles, remove before you cure with an orange stick.
  • Only apply a thin layer at a time, the polish will run and will not cure properly whilst in the lamp decreasing your wear time.
  • Make sure you cap the tip of the nail this will make sure the finish lasts as long.
  • Applying the primer around the edges of your nail is essential, it makes the colour last for longer and makes removal so much easier.
  • Removing the product correctly is very important, try not to peel the product off as this will damage your nails and make them brittle in the future. I find soaking small cotton balls in acetone putting on each nail and cover with foil makes the polish come off with ease. 
The kits come in 4 colours Raspberry wine, Pink Chiffon, Scarlet Red and French Manicure. Along with that they have over 65 colours you can choose from including glitter, which retail at £15.00 at Boots and £12.50 directly from their website. They also have a range of nail art pens and extra accessories.
It's taken me a while to do this review but I didn't want to say how I felt after two days as I wouldn't have been giving you an accurate review of the product. Over all I was really impressed with the length my nails stayed on. I deleted my 12 day picture :( but there were no chips or peeling, just a nice white gap at the top where my nails had grown out. The product doesn't feel bulky and has a long lasting high gloss shine.

For only £69.99 I think this product is totally worth the money its a great investment which will save you so much money in the long run. You can have salon quality nails in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost. Another bonus Boots has the Scarlet Red starter kit for only £45.00 which is a massive saving, you can see that here.

A big thank you to SensatioNail for letting me try this product out and review for all my readers. 

Have any of you tried the SensatioNail?

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