by - March 10, 2014

Over the passed few weeks I've had a massive wake up call and its made me realise just how lucky and blessed I am to be living my wonderful life. Sometimes the days and weeks go by so fast that you forget to take a minute to think about all of the things that you have been blessed with. I've decided that every Monday I'm going to write down all of the things in the past week that I'm grateful for, no matter how big or small they are they all deserve to be appreciated.

Over this past week these are the things I am grateful for:

The Sunshine
It has been so nice to be able to get out side with Noah this week, he's such an outdoor boy and I see a big difference in his behavior when he's been able to run freely and have endless fresh air. The sun also makes me feel so much positive about things, I'm such a grumpy person in the winter.

Green Tea

Jay has been on a massive health kick since the new year and has done amazingly, I'm so proud of him. If you ever needed somebody in your life to motivate you he's the man for the job. He introduced green tea into my life and I'm going to be totally honest with you the first couple of times I tried it I couldn't have more than a mouthful, now I can enjoy at least one cup a day. Knowing the amazing health benefits make it a little bit easier to swallow ;)

My Boys
Sometimes I find myself sitting there in complete awe that these two amazing humans are all mine. I thank God everyday for Jay and how wonderful he is to me and Noah, he works his little bum off to make sure that we get to live a lovely comfortable life and gives me unconditional love I have never felt before. Having Noah as my little boy has completed my life, he shows me everyday how to be a better person and how the inexpensive things in life are the most fulfilling. (sorry for the mushy overload but I am very grateful)

My Mummy

This woman shows no end of love and wisdom. She is the most inspirational lady I have ever met and I am so blessed that I get to call her my Mum. We live 10 minutes down the road from each other and still speak everyday at least 5 times. Noah is very lucky to be able to call her Nanny. 

What are you most grateful about at the moment?


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