by - February 25, 2014

I dont know about you but all the weather here seems to be doing is raining at the moment, we get a brief spell of sunshine and then the heavens decide to open. I want to share my top 5 rainy day activites that Noah and I love to do. 

1. Make splash pictures.

This is probably Noah's favourite activity, he loved watching the picture change in the rain and I love how simple it is to carry out. 

All you need is different coloured food colouring, paper or card and some rain. 
Add some drops of food colouring onto the paper, letting Noah do this made his day. He looked so grown up and proud of himself when he was ready to take it outside.
Then take the paper outside and lay on the ground and let the rain do the rest of the work. Noah just kept saying wow, look at it, my picture. He loved being outside running around in the rain and coming back to check on his picture.

There you have it art work for a rainy day.

2. Have a rainy day picnic with all of your favourite friends.

This is a great activity for your child to play whilst being stuck in. It lets them carry out role play and makes them feel important when there 'in charge' of handing out snacks and drinks, all pretend of course ;). 

3. Have a Disney day.

I don't think I can name one parent or child who doesn't love Disney movies. So why not make a day devoted to all things Disney.

Noah and I LOVE these days. We watch countless Disney movies, have a Disney disco (lamp on, curtains closed and loud Disney music), eat Disney snacks, play with our favourite characters and play dress up.

4. Bake some yummy treats.

Make the most of being inside by bringing our your childs creative side and get to bake some yummy sweet treats. 

Noah's favourite is to get a pre made pack with his favourite character on so he has pictured toppings and Mummy's is chocolate brownies.

5. Splash in puddles and enjoy being out in the rain. 

Children really don't mind getting wet and thrive from being outside in the fresh air. Once the rain has stopped or has slowed down take them out and find puddles to splash in. They'll behave much better inside if they have been able to burn off some of their energy.

What are your favourite rainy day activities?

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