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Hey Guys, I wanted to do a more serious post today and highlight what the effect of photo editing is having on our self-esteem in the world of today.

You see it everywhere magazines, music videos, billboards and modelling campaigns all showing flawless images of women we look up to, but how much of it is actually real. 90% of the time the picture has had at least some minor alterations whether its to alter acne/acne scars, wrinkles, body shape or other blemishes.

 But with the digital world of today where female faces and bodies do not resemble the natural world, is it any wonder the effect is this having on us "ordinary people?" It's making us reach for unrealistic expectations of ourselves and making us feel bad about having the imperfections that we have. There is no question on why women feel the need to go and have alterations done to meet these unreal standards. 

How many times have you walked into a shop and tried something on that you've seen a celebrity wear in a magazine and it doesn't fit your body at all, even though you think your the same size and body shape as them? Brought expensive make up products because they promise to give you a "airbrushed" flawless finish? Skincare products that promise you the world and use a celebrities to endorse them? The media uses our low self esteem which has been created by these fake images to increase there profits, hoping that you'll keep buying the products once you have run out to keep up your new "perfect" image.

Proactiv is one of the worse for using celebrities in there adverts, they promise to give you acne free skin making you think that you'll end up with clear skin just like your favourite celebrity. Looking at the below picture of Katy Perry it makes you beg to differ whether the product actually works..

 This image of Britney Spears clearly show's you what the media have removed to make this already incredible beautiful, slim successful woman look how they think women should look. It's creating an image that society thinks is "perfect" when in fact the person that you see in the magazine or billboard isn't real they're fake. I'm not going to lie as bad as it sounds looking through before and after photos of celebrities gives you a sense of comfort, when you see the person you idolise also suffers with imperfections such as acne or has a muffin top after having a baby.
Henry Farid, a Dartmouth professor of computer science who specializes in digital forensics and photo manipulation, agrees. “The more and more we use this editing, the higher and higher the bar goes. They’re creating things that are physically impossible,” he told ABC News in August 2009. “We’re seeing really radical digital plastic surgery. It’s moving towards the Barbie doll model of what a woman should look like — big breasts, tiny waist, ridiculously long legs, elongated neck. All the body fat is removed, all the wrinkles are removed, the skin is smoothed out.  
 One of the most controversial videos that has been circling the web at the moment is the in depth look at how you can make an already attractive skinny women transform into a completely different person just by using one editing program. The intentions from the video are good they are trying to highlight the pressure the media and society are putting women under to look a certain way. This is a pretty extreme video and its not what we all normally do if we're editing our pictures to hide a blemish, but I think it proves a valid point, as I'm sure we all wish that we could have longer legs and smaller waist.

Here's the video if you haven't seen it yet!

It's hard not to get sucked in and spend a small fortune trying to re-create yourself into the perfect woman society has made you feel like you need to. I for one have been completely sucked in since suffering with acne after the birth of my son. I have spent hundreds of pounds on skincare that has promised to get rid of my acne and scars. None of the products have done what they said on the tin and I'm left feeling stupid for believing the advertisement. I'm finally managing to get rid of the acne but have taken a much more natural approach. (Let me know if any of you want to see a post on what I have used to do this!) I still use make up everyday, shape my eyebrows, work out to have a better body but I'm starting to realise that I'm doing it all for me and how it makes me feel not how I'm suppose to look.

Let's hope that as strong beautiful woman we can stand up to the media and be happy and content with what our mothers gave us. A fab quote I found, if you know me you'll know I love a good quote:
"We aren't perfect and our beauty lives in our imperfections"

*All photos are taken from Google.

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  1. This is such an amazing post! It's so true about the low body image due to celebrity endorsements! Everyone should be happy the way they are! That's my my blog is called Perfection is overrated! <3

    mynameisjilly.blogspot.co.uk X

  2. Omg this is so interesting, I didn't quite realise how much photos are edited xx


  3. This is a great post. I am so aware of airbrushing yet I fall victim to feeling like this a lot. It's becoming sad how we are now living in society where unrealistic expectations of how we should look/dress/act are now set. While I think there is nothing wrong with having a celebrity as a role model as you are growing up, the media clouds so much of the reality that, in fact, we end up desiring to be something that doesn't exist.

    Brilliant read, I'm following your blog now!

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs

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