by - January 06, 2014

Hey Guys, this post is a little late as its already the 6th, but I took two weeks off blogging to spend quality time with my beautiful family. We had a pretty busy couple of weeks with visiting friends and family to celebrate Christmas and then celebrating the New Year. Then my not so little boy turned 3 on New Years day!! I cannot believe how fast the years are going. We gave him complete control over what we did all day including what we all had for dinner. He chose to go to a play center with Mummy and Daddy and then a trip to Toys R Us (I mean where else would a three year old want to go, ha!) he then chose chicken pasta for dinner, his favourite at the moment and chocolate ice cream with a candle for pudding. We then threw him a superhero party to celebrate and invited all of his friends and family, he went as his favourite Captain America. We had a bouncy castle, spider web shooting and face painting to keep the little ones entertained. The food was all themed and labelled to add that superhero factor, after all the stress of planning it turned out to be a fabulous party that everyone enjoyed. I feel so blessed to have been given a beautiful, bright and healthy little boy, who makes everyday very special. 

Honestly I am glad to see that back of 2013, it wasn't my best year and a lot of sadness occurred. So I'm hoping that this year will bring happiness and laughter for me and my family. We are no good at keeping resolutions in my household we're too busy and forgetful to stick at them, so this year we decided the only resolution we would make was to make sure that everyday we think about something good that has happened in the day that has made us happy. Whether its something big or something as small as a chat with a friend. As long as we can appreciate how lucky we are to have a beautiful family, a roof over our heads and two safe jobs we shouldn't be moaning about the small things in life. 

I've read on a few blogs and all over Pinterest people are making memory jars for 2013. These jars sound like such a great idea, you write down good and happy things that happen to you throughout the year. Then on 31st December you sit down and open them and remember how good your year has been.
As I have been so busy I haven't gotten around to making mine yet, so this is one I found on Pinterest, which I'm going to base mine on. I'll upload a photo to my Instagram (here) when it's complete.

This year we want to try and give back and teach Noah how lucky he is and how to appreciate what he has. We have been sorting through his toys to donate to our local Children's Hospital and he's really keen to give back to the poorly children to make them feel better. It's so lovely to see how unselfish he can be. 
Hopefully throughout the year we will find other ways of giving back, if you guys have any suggestions they will be greatly appreciated.

Have you guys set any New Years resolutions?


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