by - October 18, 2013

Hi Guys, I've had a big change in my little world this week...I'm a brunette!! 

I've been blonde for the last 5 years and unfortunately as much as I love it, its become too high maintenance for me as its pretty far from my natural colour. Let me explain to you why I made the dramatic change. I've recently had my colours analysed (post to come) which was a really good eye opener into the colours that suit my skin tone the best and where I have been going wrong, but the biggest revelation for me was how much my hair colour was effecting the way my skin looked. I have naturally light ash brown hair (I think) and dying it medium ash blonde was just too far away from my natural colour to work.

So I took it upon myself to change it, I chose to use John Freida Light Ash Brown 6A. This is what the result looks like.
Its a lot darker than I expected and I should have know that the colours never turn out like they say on the packet, but I thought as I had chosen a professional brand with a good reputation I would be ok. It seems to be a bit grey on the ends but I think that's the remainder of the bleach I had a while ago. It needs a good cut as being darker really shows up split ends. The colour is still lighter than my eyebrows and has slowly faded since I took this picture, next time I think I'll buy my colour from Sally's.

Have you guys decided to return to your natural colour or darker for autumn?


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  1. Hi Sam! It's nice to meet you! I found you in one of the Google+ beauty communities and thought I would swing by to show some love as well as follow you, etc. You have a very lovely blog!

    You are a very pretty girl and I'm loving the dark hair color on you! I have not touched my hair color since high school (it's been 7 years now since I've graduated lol). Dark brown/black hair is very hard for me to change colors if I wanted to because it's such a long process especially trying to go light! So I stay away from coloring now hehe.

    I hope you can come by my blog sometime! xoxo

    Liz |

  2. Oooh! Your so pretty with brown hair. It brings out your eyes. Nice one! Thanks for the follow. I have given you a cheeky follow back. The blog is very cute by the way!

  3. You look lovely with brown hair! I'm also a blonde (not natural) and although it is high maintenance, I just look better as a blonde (it softens my features).

    Great blog!

    Luzanne {Pink Peonies} |

  4. Hi Sam! I'm happy to have met you! I love this color on you! It's very pretty! It really draws attention your eyes which are beautiful btw! I've never colored my real hair before (way too scared), but I'm currently wearing weave and decided to get that colored. I'm going back to my real hair soon, but if I were to wear this longer I would dye it a darker color for fall!

    Neya |

  5. I've just had the same problem when I dyed my hair, although mine turned out near black!! You shade suits you so well though, very pretty

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |



    1. Thank you, it's faded a lot since this picture. I'm not sure what product I'll choose next time. I love your blog its so fab! I'm following :)

  6. so beautiful neutral makeup! :*

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