by - October 16, 2013

Hi Guys, I recently took the plunge and have started to update my make up brush collection. As always I did hours of research on which brand was the best value for money and which had the best reviews. I made a decision to go with the real technique collection as they offer a huge variety of brushes at really affordable prices and still manage to keep to a professional standard. The brush collection is designed by Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo. Both of the brushes I'm reviewing today are from the 'base' collection.

The first brush I purchased was the real technique expert face brush. I have been using the ELF stippling brush (click here to see my review) to apply my foundation but after hearing and reading the fantastic reviews I new I had to give this one a go and boy oh boy am I glad I did. The brush claims to give you pixel perfect finish in even harsh light. It's ultra plush, synthetic bristles are hand cut and 100% cruelty free, the brush is self standing and light weight. 
I have been using this brush for about a week and I have seen the biggest difference I have ever seen when changing make up brushes. The first day I used it I was using a buffing motion and to be honest I was a bit disappointed with the finish but I quickly realised that the brush isn't designed to be buffed it works by using sweeping strokes like an ordinary foundation brush. The bristle are extremely soft and when I felt it I didn't think it was going to feel as firm as it does when applying my foundation. The brush doesn't cling on to excess foundation it spreads what you have applied evenly and with a flawless streak free finish. The brushes dome shape design makes applying foundation to the harder to reach places on your face such as under your eyes and the side of the nose effortless. I am beyond happy with this brush and really feel it has made a massive difference in my daily make up routine. You can see Samantha Chapman's tutorial here on YouTube.
The second brush I purchase was the real technique powder brush. After feeling how super soft the bristles were on the expert brush I could only imagine how soft the powder brush would be, and yes I was right it feels like satin on my skin. This brush is the softest powder brush I have ever come across. The brush also has synthetic bristles which are hand cut and 100% cruelty free, the brush is self standing and light weight. You can see Samantha Chapmans powder brush tutorial here on YouTube.
I use this brush to apply loose powder to set my foundation and as I suffer with extremely oily skin setting my foundation is the most important step of my make up routine. I have found the large size of the brush has helped apply the powder in a lot less strokes and has made it last longer. I like that the top of the brush is white so you can see exactly how much product you have on there. This brush finishes the final stage of creating a flawless canvas on your skin and is versatile enough to use to apply blusher and bronzer. I have found the brushes extremely easy to clean and so far I haven't had any bristle shedding. They seem to dry faster than my ELF brushes as well.
Using these two brushes together has made a life changing difference to my skin, the expert brush applies foundation covering my acne scars completely and the powder brush has helped me stay oil free for longer. I cannot recommended these brushes enough they are 100% worth the price and would be an invaluable piece in anyones make up brush collection.

I got my brushes from boots expert face brush here and powder brush here you can also buy them on amazon and in most Superdrugs.

Have any of you guys tried these brushes or have any other favourite real technique brushes?

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