by - September 11, 2013

Hey guys, if your anything like me (addicted to buying make up even though I probably will never use it) you have probably got eye shadows and blushes which you brought and have never used or used on one occasion sitting in a box or bag somewhere forgotten about.

 Enter the world of creating your own nail colour.

I came across this after playing around one evening and realised I had found a perfect matte colour, one which I couldn't find in the shops anywhere and I had finally got a use for the huge box of unused eye shadows and blushes I had under my bed.

The only materials you'll require are a lid/pot, clear nail varnish and an eye shadow colour of your choice. 

To start with you're going to need to crush some of your eye shadow, then add clear nail varnish and mix them together until you have a creamy, lump free liquid.

Then paint your nail as you would with nail varnish and its as simple as that, you've created your very own nail colour.


 The lovely thing about using eyeshadow is it gives you a matte effect, which as we know is right on trend this season. You can apply clear polish once you have thoroughly cleaned the brush to give it a glossy finish. I have painted my ring finger with an extra coat of clear.

You can use any colour you like and can mix colours together, the possibilities are endless.

Go on and try it yourselves, let me know how you get on and which colour is your new fave.


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  1. This is such a great idea, an amazing way to get your desired nail polish shade! :) xx

  2. This is so cool, such a great idea! Thanks for sharing :)

    B xx