by - July 05, 2013

Hi Guys, there's nothing I love more than fun and glittery nails. So I wanted to show you how I created my half glitter nail art.

 Lets start off with what your going to need:

A clear poilish which can work as your base and top coat
A light polish to use as your main colour
A glitter polish with a good quantity of glitter in for easy application
An angled nail brush to apply glitter in a straight line

  Once you have filed and shaped your nail and applied a base coat. You then need to apply your main colour to the nails. I have chosen OPI Princess as this is a really pretty light pink. I always apply two coats to make sure the nail looks even and there is no light streaks.

 Once the nail varnish has has a couple of minutes to dry you need to take your angled nail brush and apply some of the glitter nail varnish. I have chosen Rimmel I love lasting finish in Disco Ball. Then draw your diagonal line from the top corner of your nail to the opposite corner covering the whole of the tip. Once you are happy with the line then fill in the section using dabbing motions. Painting this on like normal varnish will cause lines in the gliiter.

Once your happy with your application, let the glitter dry for a minute or so and apply a top coat to protect the varnish from chipping.

Let me know how you get on if you try this :)


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  1. Looks lovely and cute :) hope you follow me back :)