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Hi Guys, I'm doing my first requested post today. How to remove eye make up without damaging the delicate skin around you eyes and how to prevent wrinkles.

We all wear some kind of eye make up these days weather its full coverage or just some mascara. It is amazing how such a small area of the face can make a huge difference to how you look and feel. A problem a lot of us have is that were not educated on how to remove eye make up in a skin friendly way. 

I'm going to talk you through a great step by step on how to achieve clean fresh skin without causing excess damage.

*1 Choose an eye make up remover, try to avoid using your facial wash on the eye area as most of them don't dissolve eye makeup. They may contain ingredients which can sting your eyes causing under eye puffiness and inflammation when you wake up the next morning.

Here's 3 of the best on the market:
Save - Simple Eye Make up Remover £1.50 - Here

Spend - Clarins Instant eye Make Up Remover £13.50 - Here 

Splurge - Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Make up Remover £19 - Here 

*2 Apply a penny size amount on 2 individual cotton pads and press onto the eye. Hold these on for around 30 seconds, this helps to dissolve the make up and eases removal.

*3 Once the pads have been on the eye for 30 seconds sweep the pad across the eye lifting up towards the hairline at the edge. NEVER rub your eyes to remove make up, the skin around the eyes is around 40% thinner than the rest of the face and by doing this can cause damage and wrinkles. You may need to wipe the eye a couple of times to remove stubborn product.

*4 Apply an eye cream. If your not already doing so this you should be adding this in to your daily routine sharpish.The one thing mature women say when it comes to wrinkles is I wish I had prevented them before they arrived. The top Dermatologists have recommended that we start to use preventatives in our early 20's and use these in our daily routine to help fight the signs of aging. Whilst applying these always use upward stroking motions never drag the skin downwards. Top tip for applying these creams in the morning is to tap them onto the skin this will help with puffiness and helps to stimulate the skin.
Here are 3 of the best on the market:

Save - Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream £9.99 - Here

Spend - Clinique NEW Even Better Eyes Dark Circles Corrector £28 - Here

Splurge - Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair £44 - Here

*5 A great tip I have picked up along the way is not to wear waterproof mascara. These days manufacturers make waterproof mascara to stay on in the water at the beach or pool. They require a lot more work to remove so your more likely to pull and damage the skin. so unless your going to be in the water, crying or working out i would recommended risking you make up running a bit to protect your eyes.

If you guys have any post ideas for me let me know.

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