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Hi Guys, we all want to achieve the flawless airbrush finish we see on all the celebrities. After years of practice and a fair amount of hiccups I think I have found the perfect steps to achieve this.

#1 Keep it clean
 Always start your foundation routine with fresh cleansed skin which has been moisturised. This stops any foundation sticking to the dry patches on your face
#2 "Not to prime is a crime"
 A primer is simply used to prime the face before applying foundation. This step helps the foundation set on your skin flawlessly and is used as a barrier between the chemicals in your make up and your freshly cleansed skin. 

#3 Conceal
Once the primer has had time to dry, time to conceal those blemishes. Apply concealer under the eyes to remove any dark circles and to brighten them up. I use my finger to do this as I feel a brush pulls to much and could damage the skin. Then with a Concealer Brush apply concealer to any blemishes on the skin.

#4 Which type are you?
With a variety of foundations on the market there is no reason why everyone cant have flawless skin. You just need to take some time to figure out which suits your skin type the best. Again with trial and error I have figured out which ones I think will work for different skin types.
Normal Skin - Cream/Mousse Foundation 
Oily/Combination skin -Matte Liquid foundation
Dry skin - Liquid Foundation
Ageing Skin - Tinted Moisturiser
Sensitive Skin - Mineral Foundation 
Always choose a foundation that has SPF built in.
#5 Colour Match
We've all seen the girls who have heads a different colour to their bodies and end up with a dark orange line along the jawbone. This has simply happened because the incorrect shade of foundation has been used. I would suggest never doing your make up in false lighting as this will give you a different result to when you step outside. When testing your foundation colour apply a small amount to your jaw bone or under your eye and you should see a natural finish.

#6 Brush like a Pro
 Always use a good Foundation Brush to apply your foundation. Apply a pea sized amount on to the back of hand and apply small dots all over the face. This will ensure a more even and spreadable coverage. Start to buff the foundation in to your skin using the flat headed foundation brush. Always remember to blend in to your hairline, jawline, neck and ears to eliminate any obvious lines. Apply a translucent powder to set the foundation.

#7 Highlight and Contour
  This is one of my favourite parts of my foundation routine. Using a bronzer which suits your skin tone apply under your cheekbones to the top of your ear this helps make your cheekbones appear more defined. Apply a small amount of this to either side of your nose and blend in. Apply highlighter down the center of your nose and up to your eyebrows the will help narrow your nose.

#8 Colour those cheeks
Apply a rose coloured blush to the apple of your cheeks to give your face a soft glow. 

Let me know how you get on with these steps and if there's any bits you need explaining further.


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  1. I would love to be able to do Half of these steps. The beauty product market is so saturated with different brands and "miracle cures" that I wouldn't even know where to start. A shame when it seems so basic!