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Hey Guys, I'm going to show you all of my favourite daily make up brushes and how I use them. Make up brushes are an important tool for anyone who likes to wear make up. With hundreds of different brands on the market it can feel a little intimidating trying to find the best set. My advice is to get some cheaper ones to start with and have a practice, you'll find out which brushes work for you and which don't.

My top tips for keeping your brushes in tip top conditon are:
  • Spot clean your brushes after every use
  • Deep clean your brushes weekly
  • Dry your brushes upside down
  • Don't store them so they'll be compact as this will lose the shape
  • Use the correct brush for the job
I'm currently using the E.L.F studio line brushes
These brushes are all synthetic which is fab as you can use them with wet or dry products, and are all anti bacterial. They clean really easily and as of yet I haven't had any shedding.
These are my top 7 brushes for everyday use.
Studio Stipple brush
This brush is my favourite foundation brush, its so soft and easy to use. It provides a really smooth and airbrush finish to your face. 
Studio Powder Brush 

This brush is by far the best powder brush i have used, it collects a good amount of product and applies evenly onto the skin. I have seen a lot of reviews which have raved about being able to use with a foundation as well.

Angled blush brush
I use this for contouring my face along the jaw bone, around the fore head and across the cheek bone. This brush doesn't hold to much product so you can easily build up the contour without worrying about overloading.

Blush Brush
I use this brush to apply my blush the apple of my cheeks after contouring. This brush is super soft and has kept its shape really well.

Concealer brush
This brush is great for applying concealer to individual problem area's. I use my finger to apply concealer around my eyes as you can over pull the skin trying to use a brush.

Studio Small Angled Brush 
This brush is what I'm currently using to fill in my eyebrows. The brush size is perfect for creating the perfect brow.

Studio Eyeshadow C Brush
This eyeshadow brush is perfect for applying a day shadow, it covers the eye with a small amount of applications. I use patting motions to apply my shadow as this helps fill in creases and compacts the product down.
Keep a look out for my next brushes post, I will be talking about my favourite eye brushes and brushes I use for full face application.  

Have you tried the studio line brushes? Which line do you swear by?


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  1. I love your blog! I use E.L.F brushes. Would you do a post on how you deep clean them?

    1. Thanks a lot :) glad you like it!
      That's already on my list for up coming post..keep checking!


    1. Hi there, sorry im not sure what you mean by "lepers"