by - May 07, 2013

Hi Guys, I just had to show you all my new beautiful shoe bench that my talented partner made. After just buying our first house together we wanted to have everything in there to be really special and to a specific design. So after finding a perfect bench on Pinterest I was set on having one just like that...unfortunately that one was handmade so no chance of getting one the same. After a little persuasion I managed to get Jay to design one for me and made it completely from scratch. How talented is he?
I wanted one with cupboards because there's nothing more ugly than a big pile of shoes at the front door. He made these as he couldn't find any that had the right design on them. The handles we found at one of our favourite antique store.
As we have little shoes to fit in now I wanted the middle part to be open and have a shelf in so that we could make the most of the space. The top shelf has all of our hats and gloves in (fingers crossed we won't be needing them for a while). The bottom shelve has got Noah's little shoes in, measured to fit his wellies in.

The top part is yet to be completed as that's my part of the process. I'm in charge of making the seat cushion. Sewing isn't something I'm particularly good at but i have just been given a brilliant sewing machine so its a hobby I'm determined to get in to. If anyone has any tips on how to get into sewing or any good sites or books for beginners please let me know.

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