by - May 24, 2013

Hi Guys, I don't know about you but I've had one of those really busy stressful weeks and I just need a time out. With a busy week you always stumble across life lessons and tips, so today I thought would be the perfect day for me to share them with you.

*Worrying doesn't make anything easier.
*Write everything down, take out a pretty pen and cute notepad and just write down anything that is getting on top of you.
*Write lists, I'm a great lover of the list. The sense of having a real plan of what you need takes so much added pressure off.
*Get outside and be with nature, also the sun is such a good and free stress reliever.
*De clutter, we all have that dreaded draw in your kitchen full of EVERYTHING? Sort it out you'll be surprised what you'll find in there and how much you don't need to keep.
*Never post your drama's on Facebook. I've done it and you look stupid. Things get way out of hand. If you have a problem go directly to that person, don't involve the whole of your friends list.
*Invest in some extra Tupperware, getting your cereal out in a Thomas & Friends box, whilst you have senior management watching is not ideal.
*Try and contain yourself in the car, I know its hard to resist becoming a pop star when a great song comes on, but the embarrassment of the guy watching you from the car next to you is not worth it.
*Give your babies kisses and hugs when ever you can. 

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