by - May 08, 2013

Hi Guys, I hope everyone enjoyed the beautifully sunny bank holiday. I enrolled Noah into football training on Saturday. His Daddy and all the men on that side are football mad so it was always going to happen. The class is specifically designed for 2-4 year old's so hes made lots of new friends and will be learning lots of new skills through out the classes.

Were Liverpool supporters in our house so he was very keen to wear his football shirt to show all the other children which team is the best. Even at such a young age he's very determined that they are the best team and had a debate with the coach. A 2 year old debate is so adorable even the coach admitted he couldn't carry on teasing as he was to cute.

 They focused a lot on getting the children to listen and follow simple instructions. Noah was really nervous as this was his first session. He listened really well and did everything he was asked to.

 The coach asked him to dribble the ball through some cones, have you ever seen a 2 year old dribble a football it is seriously the cutest thing. He then had to shoot the ball into the goal and do a celebration. His was the same as the first picture shouting goal with his arms in the air.

Have any of you guys got your toddlers into a sport or activity?

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